Friday, September 14, 2012

The First Week Down. . . . . .


Well we finished up the first week yesterday and it went by so quickly!  We have been very busy working on adjustments to first grade.  You should be proud of your children because they are working so hard each and every day!

I Finally got around to taking some pictures of some activities this past week. 

Here is our book bag sheet that will help with communication between school and home.  This sheet will help me see if they are reading at home and show me how they are reading at home.  Are they consistent in their reading at home and school ? Is the reading easy at school, but challenging at home? You can use one line for each book that is sent home.  Each book will be read for three nights.

Sorry about this picture.  I need to learn how to use my camera better.  This is a shape book based off the pattern of Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr. 

 This is the back page of the booklet.  We talked not only about the names of these shapes, but their attributes as well.  What makes a triangle a triangle (three sides, three points, corners, or angles).  They did so well with this activity!
 For this project we were discussing our basic needs and our need for fun.  Students tore paper pieces and glued them to a balloon outline.
 On the inside of the balloon they drew one or two activities they think are fun.
We have been working so hard on writing (already!!).  We are working on handwriting (ask your child to give examples of the Frog jump capitals and where they should start their writing), as well as illustrations in their writing.  In our last writing lesson, we talked discussed writing rubrics and how we should strive to do our best each time we write.  This picture is an example of a score of 4 not only  in the writing, but the illustrations as well.  I am working on an anchor chart for the classroom showing what each score (1-4) looks like.  I will post the completed version once it is finished.  I will also be posting student work so you can see all the hard work they have been doing!  I am very impressed and I know you will be also.
My goal is to post on Friday of each week if you are following this blog. 
Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Parker

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