Friday, November 16, 2012

First Grade Science and a Student Teacher

Hello and Happy Friday!

We have had a big couple weeks so I will get right to it!  Last week we started science and learning about pebbles, sand, and silt.  We talked about scoria, obsidian, slate, granite, and limestone rock types.  We also had a blast "finding" treasures in the sandbox outside.  Treasures included pennies, polished rocks, gold rocks, and super balls that look like rocks.  Mrs. Brenner had this wonderful idea to have the students dig for the treasures by scooping the sand into sifting grates.  Boy was this a big hit!  Every single student was engaged in this activity.  Here are the pictures I took:

We looked at different kinds of rock and sorted them into properties.

Magnification glasses were a big hit!

Students could look at a guide to see what kind of rock each one was.

We will continue science for the new few weeks.

In other news we have a student teacher in the classroom from now until January 25th.  Here name is Becky Englin and she will be sending home a parent letter next week to tell you a bit more about herself.

Thanks for all you do and have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Parker

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