Saturday, May 18, 2013

Five for Friday and Freebies!

Hello!   I share my top 5 from this week........

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1.  We finished up our Math Core Program this week and now I get to work on fun concepts such as math fact review and common core areas that need more focus than our current math program provides.  I also use this time to create math centers that will continue to keep my students engaged in learning before the end of the school year.

2.TESTING!!!!  We had AIMS web testing on Tuesday and I made a deal with my class that if the class scored 80% or better in each of the 5 math areas of testing then they would earn a "theme" day for each area they were 80% or better.  I am happy to say that they scored higher than 80% in 3 of the 5 areas (oral counting, quantity discrimination, and missing number).  Number ID (77%) and Math Computation(68%) were close, but I really thought they could do it. 
So next week we have hat day, PJ day, and game day.  Just because I thought they all tried so hard to do well I am taking them outside to have a class picnic. 

3.  New math core program pilot next school year.  It looks like we are closer to deciding which core program to go with for mathematics.  We critically reviewed 3 programs and K-5 are in full agreement of which program we recommend. 

4. New TpT product posted!  I have so many unfinished products that I am making myself work on finishing up before I start a new product...... okay I am trying not to start anything new!!

My latest product is a math intervention packet that I used as part of our Target Time intervention time block.  I had the "bubble" first graders that struggle with the universal math program and hopefully need that number sense boost to catch up.  I have to say that every one of the activities in this packet were engaging and have very minimal prep.  With typed lesson plans (warm up, main activity, and extra activity) for every activity you will be set for 4-5 weeks.  I also added some progress monitoring assessments that are all Common Core State Standard aligned. 

All you need are 6 sided dice and number tiles.  Everything else you need for these activities are already included.  Check it out Here on Teachers pay Teachers

5.  Instagram-  Oh my!!  You must sign up for this!!  I thought Facebook was addicting...... 
I love seeing what other teachers are doing at school.  I also find myself able to post my classroom activities more often because I do not need to download them to my computer from my camera and try to edit them before posting.  So quick, so easy, so much fun!!  Follow me @tparkerfirstgrade

Jamie over at Bright Concepts 4 Teachers is celebrating her Blogiversary by having a huge giveaway.  Enter over at her blog for your chance to win!!

My Freebies this week are a few progress monitoring activities that are all common core aligned.  Get all these freebies HERE!!!!

One more FREEBIE.  I created this quick math fact game that will help your students practice adding 9 and 10 to numbers 1-6.  I had to create the dice myself on blank foam cubes.  I drew 9 dots on three sides of the dice and 10 on the other sides.  Before playing this game we reviewed strategies that we could use to add nine.  The goal is to make sure students can "see" the number 9 and take one away from the other addend to make 10.  For example 9 + 4 should be thought as 10 +3 since adding 10 is much easier to add.  I created a recording sheet, but you can also have students have 10 cubes of the same color.  The student that says the sum first will stack their cubes on the table.  The first to get rid of all their cubes is the winner. 

You will need blank foam dice (from the dollar store) and draw 9 dots on three sides and 10 on the other three sides. 

Have a wonderful weekend!  Summer will be here before we know it!!


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