Friday, June 7, 2013

My LAST Friday Until Summer!

Hello Everyone! 
My Friday ends once again with the Five for Friday Linky with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching!

First of all I am anxiously awaiting my new blog by Christi Fultz of Design by Christi. I have always been a primary color kind of gal, but since I have grown so much this last school year I feel I just need a change.  If you are interested (although I think I am the last person to actually get a professional blog makeover).  Ms. Fultz's Corner is where you can find more information.
 I am going with a polka dot theme that has neon blue, pink, and a bit of black and white.  I am also planning on having these colors as my classroom colors next school year.  The only problem is that our district has a VERY strict fire code policy so I am so jealous of all of your unbelievably cute classrooms and what you can put in there!!  I have some fire code creative ideas that go along with my classroom theme that I am going to try out.  Stay tuned for pictures in August.  Anyone else have fire code rules?  I would love to hear how you decorate and still follow the rules.

   I am also using Christi's red polka dot numbers.  You really have to check out her creations! 

I am having mixed feelings as my last full week of school comes to a close.  I know I have said this before in earlier postings, but even though this was my most challenging teaching years in so many ways with this group of students, but I will tell you that they made me a much better teacher!  I had to change things up in my classroom just to get all the academics in so many times, but they prepared me for ANYTHING!!  I will miss all of them as they move upstairs to second grade.  I think I am more emotional with this group since my own daughter is a first grader and a few of my students have gone to school with her in preschool and 4K.  Two more days of school........
Can you say Giveaways!!  I am currently involved in three different giveaways!  I cannot believe all the wonderful products that each host got together!  The first giveaway will be ending on Sunday and it is from Kelsea over at Teacher Gems.  She is celebrating her 30th birthday and will be announcing the winner on Monday.  My product I donated is a winner's choice.  This means you can choose ANY one product in my TpT store here. 

The second giveaway is hosted by Christina from A Tale of Two K Teachers.  She is celebrating her 200 followers.  I know this thumbnail is not too clear, I chose the Kindergarten-Common-Core-Learning-Targets-for-Mathematics for my product donation.  This giveaway starts June 9 so head on over!!

My third giveaway I am involved with is from Nick over at Sweet Rhyme - Pure Reason.   The number of products K-12 is truly unbelievable!!  You will definitely be missing out if you do not enter this one!  The product I chose to donate is my Math Intervention Activities and Lesson Plans.  This product is one of my newest and what I created for my math intervention (Target Time) block this past school year.  After going through these FUN and ENGAGING lessons our struggling first graders ALL improved on their AIMS web testing.  Nick's giveaway will be end June 11 so click on his blog name to enter!

ALL OF MY TPT PRODUCTS ARE ON SALE JUNE 8-11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CHECK IT OUT!
I got some wonderful news!  I entered my Adding 9 Bump FREEBIE in Martha's Top 5 Freebies of the week from Primary Paradise.  I got the notice today, but it will not be posted until tomorrow (June 8). 
Tonight was my son's preschool graduation.  My mamma's boy is really growing up!  He has come such a long way in his first four years of life!  As you can see the playground before the ceremony was a big hit : )

Finally I wanted to post this absolutely wonderful freebie, but this week has been so busy with report cards that I did not have time to put one together.  I do have a Freebie created by Megan over at Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade .  She created a wonderful Mustachy Measurement from her TpT store.  My students absolutely loved this quick and easy measurement activity! 

Have a great weekend!

Tina Parker

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  1. I completely understand the end of the year feeling. I didn't want this year to end because this group of kids and I connected in a different way. I'm hoping they'll come back and visit me next year.

    Your little boy is too cute!

    And thanks for the freebie link - it looks like a great product!