Friday, March 8, 2013

TGIF! Seriously!

Hello and Happy Friday!

Here is my Five (maybe not so) random events that have happened this past week:

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1.  The staff at my school is absolutely wonderful.  I am up for the PAEMST (Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics and Science) national award for 2013 (mathematics portion).  Since I am one of two state finalists for the state of Wisconsin some members of the school staff arranged a day for the whole school to honor me!  I am a very humble person by nature and a bunch of extra attention is not my cup of tea, but to see all the students so excited for me, especially my former students, made this one of my most memorable teaching moments! 
2.  The next step for the Presidential Award was to have a ceremony in Madison, WI this past Tuesday, BUT Mother Nature had other ideas.  Since I would have to travel 3 hours in a winter storm with warnings to stay off the road, the ceremony is now postponed until April 24.  Even at that time I will STILL not know if I won the national award.  I will find out some time in May (Winner gets a trip to Washington DC to meet the president and take a White House tour along with $10,000). 
3.  SNOW DAY Tuesday!!  We now need to make up two days of school.  As of today we will need to go until June 12! At this weather rate we will be celebrating the 4th of July for the first time during the normal 180 school year :).  I spent the whole day with my three kids (1 very helpful 7 year old girly girl, a high maintenance "mama's boy" 3 year old hating every minute of potty training, and a sassy, VERY opinionated 21month old princess) and trying to catch up on my TpT products not quite finished.
4.  4:00am- The time my littlest one has decided to get up since Tuesday night screaming from ear pain.  This is her second ear infection since getting tubes and her adenoids out in December.  A bought of pneumonia in January was yet another sickness this child has had to go through.  Actually I am posting this for my sympathy.  In bed late and up at 4:00 am all week.........
5.  What an end to the week!  I could tell there was either another storm in the mix or a full moon because the storm always blows through my classroom first!  I can't even begin to tell you everything I did to put out "fires" all day.  I am just plain exhausted!  I absolutely love my class this year, but boy do they have energy! 
How does everyone manage their time?  I can't believe how I can survive on such little sleep.  My husband is gone very often so the kid duty is on my shoulders.  I feel like I not only struggle getting caught up, but the time I used to have in years past to create products and activities for my students is now replaced with greater curricular demands. 
What math curriculum do you use?  Do you have one?  Is anyone using EnVisonMath (Common Core Aligned) math program from Pearson?  Our district is in the middle of a core program review and this is one of the programs that presented this last week.  It looked wonderful during the presentation, but I am wondering if it seems a little too paper pencil for first graders and is there enough "meat" for the full 60 minutes? 
Thank you and have a WONDERFUL weekend!
Tina Parker

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