Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Snow Day!

I am home again today due to the winter storm that arrived over night.  Even though we have a day off of school I always view these snow days as a chance to get caught up on my blog writing, cleaning up my classroom, and trying to get as many TpT products finished.  I have about 20 products started, but then have to put them off until I create enough materials to finish each product.

I posted two new products a few days ago.  The first product I finished up is a Long Vowel packet focusing on CVCe vowel patterns.  I have found a lot of wonderful long vowel resources, but not many that kept the focus only on CVCe vowel pattern rather than all vowel patterns. 

The next product I posted is a teen number packet that focuses on understand teen numbers.  Too many  students struggle remembering the names of the teen numbers so I created these activities that will help students recognize numbers by the quantity of number rather than memorization of a name. 

 My current project is creating math task cards to cover all of the first grade math common core state standards.  I have the Operations and Algebraic Thinking and Number and Base Ten tasks finished.  I have at least one task for each standard with the majority of the standards having more than one task.  I created these with the end of the year goal in mind, but also created some tasks so you can write in the numbers that will help you progress monitor your students during the whole school year.   Included will be a task booklet for your students to keep track of their work.  I am planning on having this product posted by March 10th in my  MY STORE.   Eventually I hope to also create task cards for both kindergarten and second grade also.


I have recently joined the facebook world for the very first time.  Although I am still learning all the ropes I cannot believe how addicting it can be!  I now follow all my favorite blogs on facebook and find so many free resources!  My current favorite is a page by Charity Preston called The Organized Classroom Blog.  She only believes in posting free resources and there are plenty!
As for my freebies for the week:
 I am choosing a product by Susan Moran  This is the addition game I am having my students complete for my weekly math homework.  Students add three dice and then explain to their parents their strategies for solving the problem using mental math. 
My second freebie is a telling time activity I created to help my students practice telling time to the hour.  Telling Time to the Hour
Well off to shovel another 4 inches of snow that already has covered the other  inches of snow shoveled earlier today!
Have a great rest of the week!
Tina Parker


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