Thursday, April 18, 2013

Intervention/Enrichment Block

Hello!  I am joining the very talented Jodi Southard from Fun In First to link up to " Be A Fly on My Wall" linky party.  I am so very excited since the topic of this linky is INTERVENTION BLOCK!! 

Our district has implemented a new 30 minute "Target Time" intervention/enrichment block each day this school year and I have been loving the concept and looking for ideas for our grade level (first) to really fine tune the assesment and progress monitoring aspect. 

We went into the school year planning on starting the first round of target time to last 6 weeks and to keep the focus on reading.  We used our grade level DRA2 reading assessment scores to first group our kids and then looked at individual student needs based on our beginning of the school year assessments.  Our first groupings included letter ID, letter sound(2), short vowel (2 groups), and a fluency group.  Since first grade has the greatest need we have the 3 general education first grade teachers, a special education teacher, literacy coach, and title one teachers leading each group.  We also had three educational aides assisting the groups with higher need.  After all year we finally are trying a math round of target time and I have the "bubble" students.  These students are the students that were flagged in 3 or more areas of AIMS web.  My group is working on number ID up to 100 and to 120, structuring of number (dot patterns to 10), skip counting forward and backwards to 120, number after, number before, and other number sense activities that will build on needed mathematical concepts. 

We are just finishing up our second week and here are my lesson plans and activities I have conducted/created up through this week:  Target Time Math Intervention Lesson Plans  Feek free to download these lesson plans and use the activites!

I have the same structure every day and have 4 total adults in the classroom everyday. We start with a warm-up to practice structuring of number, the main activity, an extra activity for those who need it, and then an area for the adult to note observations of student learning. 

Here are some activities that have had my students 100% engaged for the entire activity.  I am also want quality lessons that will be meaningful and not take hours and hours of prep time to create.  These activities are easy and simple to prep, but more importantly then students are learning!!!

This activity only requires number tiles 0-100.  Students choose a number from the bag and sort the number either greater than 50 or less than 50.  When they are finished they will read through the numbers to once of the teachers.  The objective of this lesson is number identification to 100 and quanity discrimination. 

This activity also has a blank tens frame and cubes for those students who need that visual.  Students will roll a 6-sided die, fill that number of cubes in the tens frame, write that number in the first box, and then count the number of empty boxes to find the number that makes ten.  The objective of this lesson is number patterns to ten.

This activity only requires the number tiles as well.  Students choose a number tile, write the number, and then write the number that comes after that number. 

Number before is a glaring missing concept with students in my group.  I am working on counting by ones both forward and backwards each day and they are finally getting it!!  This activity is similar to the number after only this time they write the number before the number on the tile. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing these great math intervention ideas! I always need math ideas and tips! These are simple and easy to actually get done!!!! Thank you for sharing! So glad I found your blog.

  2. I love that you also do Math during your Intervention time!! Thanks so much for linking up :)

  3. I love that you have both math and reading interventions! I wish we could find the time for both... So glad I found your blog!

    The Resourceful Apple