Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring has FINALLY sprung!

Hello Again!

Living in Wisconsin we are used to cold winters and winter storms, but what we are not used to are 20 degree below normal days all of March and April.  Well FINALLY, after indoor recess twice the first week of spring and two winter storm warnings the temp hit the high 60's yesterday!  It was much needed for all of us and now I can finally put away all the winter coats :)!!

I am linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching to recap my week at school.

1.  Weather in Wisconsin.....  What a difference a week makes!   These pictures say it all : )

34 degrees with 10-20 mph winds.  Brrrrrrr

67 degrees just one week later.  Lovely!!

2.  We have been so busy these last two weeks planting grass and alfalfa seeds.  We have been working hard writing our group research papers on parts of a plant.  I am working on proofreading each section so look for My Plant Unit to be posted very soon on my Teachers pay Teachers store .

Coming soon to my TpT store.  Like me on My Facebook Page to be notified when this product is posted!

Download your FREE copy of the plant observation journal included in my Plant Unit. 

3.  After the award ceremony for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching Award was snowed out in March, it was rescheduled for last Wednesday.  I was not feeling the best that day, but it was a very nice presentation and lunch.  We do not have any idea when the winner will be announced so the waiting continues!  In case you are not familiar with the award process:  Another elementary teacher(5th grade) and myself are finalists for the PAEMST.  This award is the highest award presented to teachers in mathematics.  I was nominated last school year and after going through the lengthy application process, I got a call last summer notifying me that I was one of two state finalists.  One of us will be named the national winner for the state of Wisconsin hopefully by the end of May or beginning of June.  Winner will receive a trip to Washington DC for an award ceremony and also wins $10,000.  Keep your fingers crossed! 

Posing for a picture with Assistant State Superintendent Shelia Briggs

4.   Goals for this summer.  I made a list of things I would like to do this summer.  With three young children with me at home this summer I hope I meet my goals, but we will see.  My main goal is to put together all my math intervention activities I have created this past school year into one document.  When I create these type of intervention activities I make sure that the concepts are in the form of games or other engaging activities that are fun to do.  Many times all you will need are just number tiles and 6 sided dice.  Very little prep to the them most out of your students will very little time to prepare. 

My second main goal is to become more tech savy.  Everything I have learned about blogging, photoshop elements, and creating products are simply from teaching myself one method that, I would be willing to bet, is not the most efficient way.

My third goal is to make sure I finish and post all my unfinished products for TpT.  I do not even want to admit how many products I have started and just need to make pretty before posting!

5.  Here are the variety of products that I am currently finishing up to post into my store. 
I broke down the kindergarten mathematics standards into to I can statements that help both the teacher and the student understand each component of the Common Core State Standards.  I broke down each standards into the I can standards and also copies of each I can statement with examples.  Get your Free Sample here.  Again, like my Facebook Page to get updates on all my products!

Here is my first grade breakdown of the standards.  I am just fine tuning this product before posting in on Teachers pay Teachers store.

This packet is just addition right now, but I may add subtraction practice as well since I am such a strong believer in teaching addition and subtraction together. 

I am debating on making this product larger to meet the needs of more teachers.  I currently only have this product aligned to the Reading Literature standards for the Common Core State Standards, but I may extend it to Informational Text also. 
Well that is all for this week.  Look for updates on my facebook page as well as this blog for future freebies!

Tina Parker

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