Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Currently

I would say that March is coming in like a lion here in Wisconsin.  I cannot remember when the temperature was above zero with the wind chill and when it is above zero we are getting dumped on with a snowstorm.  My children went to play outside today and the younger two got stuck in the snow because it is past their hips.....  I keep telling myself that it can only get warmer, I hope :).

I am a day late, but I am joining Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade with this month's currently post:

Duck Dynasty just cracks me up!  I love the humor on the show and how close the family is. 

I just finished up a math packet for TPT for the 120th day of first grade.  Our grade level chose to celebrate the 120th day of school.  This is going to work well for me since our 100th day of school always ended up w/in a day of Valentine's day.  One celebration a month is more than enough for me- Ha :). 
Find this on TPT
I am trying to create all of my Daily 5 centers for next month.  My students need more of a writing focus so I am trying to come up with fun writing activities.  I am also thinking of long vowel patterns, ABC order, noun v. verb v. adjective, and more of a sight word focus than I normally do.  Stay tuned......

We are going on a week of sickness in my household and my middle child still has not been sick yet.  I hope he is still healthy through tomorrow because he is getting tubes in his ears tomorrow morning.  He has had ear infection since December and antibiotics are not helping.  The poor kid cannot hear a thing with all that fluid in his ear.  I am praying this is the answer.
The sickness is 4 days worth of feeling miserable- fever, awful cough, and ear pain.  I am amazed at how little sleep I can actually function on :).

Spring Break is coming in a few weeks and I need that time to get my house in order.  We are close to finally getting a new bathroom!  I am also planning on organizing all the clothes and toys we are getting rid of this summer in a thrift sale. 

Have a great week! 


  1. I am obsessed with Duck Dynasty too...they absolutely crack me up!!

  2. I'm from Canada and let me tell you that I hear you with being over the COLD!!! Bring us warmer temps please!
    I love that you do Daily 5 in your classroom! I'm thinking about starting it... It seems like everyone is doing it!
    Miss Elementary