Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Currently

Hello once again and Happy April Fools Day!

I am always in such a good mood the eve of April 2nd.  I love my first graders, but if I have to listen to my students tell me that I am the meanest teacher ever or that I am the worst teacher they ever had and then say, "APRIL FOOLS."  I guess it could be worse and they could tell me that I am their favorite teacher ever and then say, "April Fools!" :). 

I am linking up today with Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for the April version of Currently.  Here we go:

My son (almost 5) and youngest daughter (2 going on 11) are only two years apart and alike in many, many ways.  Tonight they are arguing about who wants what for their birthdays that are coming up.  Addalyn is teasing Easton about how toys he wanted are "girl" toys and Easton just is having one meltdown after another. 

I am officially signed up for the TpT sellers conference in Vegas this July.  I already know that Vegas in July is like Alaska in January, but so many successful sellers will be there,  Erica Bohrer, Deanna Jump, and Cara Carroll.  Early bird sign up ends Friday if you are interested. 

Being observed tomorrow as well as video taping my math lesson.  I love challenging myself when it comes to teaching and what better way than to have my principal observe me while I am being videotaped :).

We purchased this house in September last year, replaced everything, and now have it listed for rent.  We are in the process of scheduling showings and so far we have had 35 people showing interest.  We have it narrowed down to 3 people. 

The weather in Wisconsin has been rough this winter.  Cold, cold, and more cold.  Each day is the same.  We had two days of 50+ degrees and then today was 30 degrees and 20 miles an hour.  Depressing.........

I am contracted to be at school from 8:00-3:45 each day, but I like to get to school before 7am to make sure I have everything ready and there are not any lines at the copy machine or laminator!  After adding on two make up school days we will get out of school June 12 with students and June 13 for teachers. 

Well, that is all for today.  We have our 120 day of first grade celebration on Thursday and I will be back to post pictures later this week!



  1. You blog is so cute Tina!
    You are such an early bird...and I'm the opposite. ;-)
    Congrats on the rental property. That is one of our 5 year goals!

    A Teachable Teacher

  2. We celebrated the 120th day too in first grade! Have fun!

    My Crazy Life

  3. Have fun in Vegas at the conference! I really wish I could go, too! :)

  4. I'm going to Vegas too! Sooooo excited. Maybe I'll bump into you. Which session are you most interested in?