Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Teachers Pay Teachers Super Sale Finds!

I went home at noon today due to my newly diagnosed anemia.  The iron supplement is not working yet after almost a week and I am so frustrated!   I am used to going a million miles a minute and to be so tired after work is not working out for me at all.  If anyone has any ideas or supplements that worked well for you please let me know!!

I know this is a couple days late, but I wanted to share all the great products I purchased from the Super Bowl Sale on TpT. 
I bought three (yes THREE!) products from my new favorite seller Susan Moran at Thank God Its First Grade.  She has a truly amazing first grade writing packet complete with lesson plan outlines, activities to reinforce writing strategies, and rubrics.

Common Core Writing for 1st Grade! Narratives, Informative  Common Core Writing for 1st Grade

The second product I bought from Susan is a math packet of great activities that align with the first grade Common Core State Standard 1.NBT.1
Numbers to 120 {Activities and Assessments}Numbers to 120

The third product from Susan will go great with my long vowel target time session coming up next week.  She has interactive long vowel activities that will keep students engaged and having fun learning the patterns.

Long Vowel Games & CentersLong Vowel Centers and Games

I also bought three products from Deedee Wills over at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten.  She has 151 products posted for just first grade alone!! I started looking for long vowel activities and got sucked in to two writing packets as well.  I just may have let everyone know what an addiction I have with Tpt products :). 

I plan on using this product in my Daily 5 writing and even work work station.

Silly Sentences: A Sentence Building Activity Silly Sentences: A Sentence Building Activity

Great templates for writing lists, labels, cards, and more.  Perfect for my Daily 5 writing station.

Writing Work Station for FebruaryWriting Station Work for February

This activity is a great addition to my target time group working on long vowel patterns.

Back to the Barn CVCe Game and Memory Match Back to the Barn: A CVCe Word Game

Finally I purchased two products from Bubbly Borders and More.  I can always use more borders and these products are two that will keep me motivated to keep working!

Ashley Doodles~ 10 Frames {Commercial Use}Great Borders   From Ashley Doodles- 10 frames              

Bubbly Over the Rainbow Kit~ Chevron & Polka Dots Backgrou   Bubbly-Over-the-Rainbow-Kit-Chevron-Polka-Dots-Backgrounds-with-Frames

There!  I really hope my husband does not see this post or I will be in big trouble :).  I have to tell you though that buying Teachers pay Teachers products has kept me more motivated teaching than I have ever been.  Keep them coming ladies!!

Does anyone know of more excellent products that work on long vowel patterns.  I am trying to set up a 6 week program and the more resources the better!

Now for a new product I created and recently posted on my Teachers pay Teachers
This product is what I have been using in my classroom as part of my math fact program.  I am working on putting all my math fact packets and activities together by the end of March.  I like to have my students test run all my products to catch any bugs :).
Math Fact Strategy Activities Add and Subtract 10 Off the Decade  Counting By Tens off the Decade Activities from my TpT store.
Here is a preview copy of some of the activities included in this packet along with the lesson plan.

Finally to finish off this marathon post I thought I would share some of the doubles activities I am doing with my class this week for a math fact focus.  I cannot tell you how impressed I am with my students eagerness to learn!  They are flying through all these math fact activities and are even applying this knowledge to independent work.  Hats off to the parents as well for being so committed at home to be consistent week after week with the homework bags I send home. 

I bought these dice at the Dollar Store.  They are large dice that come in a pack of 2 for $1.00.  My students love them!

I created this game where they students roll the die, double the number, and then write a number sentence to show how they doubled the number.  Every one of my 23 students are fluent at doubles facts up through 5 + 5!  Yay!

So sorry for this upside down picture, but I could not get it to flip.  To extend the first activity of rolling one die I added one more and had my students really think of what strategy they can use to help them remember doubles above 5+ 5.  I had 2 students in each group working together so they could share their strategies.  The entire lesson took about 30 minutes including my mini lesson.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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