Thursday, February 23, 2012

American Symbols

Hello Parents!
Sorry this was not posted last week, but we did get through everything!  We have had a busy week of school trying to finish up our American Symbols unit created by Deanna Jump.  Here are some pictures of our symbols we have covered so far.

Here is our tree map of four American Symbols (flag, bald eagle, Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty).

Here are our American flags with fingerprint stars!

This bald eagle looks a little crabby : ).

Sorry for the blurry picture.  Our Liberty Bells.

These Statue of Liberty projects took much longer to prep than to put together!

Here we are measuring how tall the Statue of Liberty is (305 ft.!)  We were going to measure in the hall, but since it was such a nice day I thought we would go outside.  We measured from the corner of Starr and Eddy all the way to about the crosswalk!  We also saw how big her feet are (25 feet). 
We did this today and it was too cute not to post.  We made George Washington (thank you Cara Carroll! for the idea).  We also wrote one fact in a telling sentence and one fact in an asking sentence.  Ask your child which asking and telling facts they chose.  We also studied Abe Lincoln today, but will not have time to do a project honoring him.  Ask your child what they learned about Abraham Lincoln.  I could not believe how interested they were on both presidents!

Finally this will be our assessment I created once we get through George Washington and Abe Lincoln hopefully by tomorrow. 

A look ahead for next week- Dr.Seuss activities March 2nd
Week of March 5- Dental Health
Week of March 12- Spring!

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