Thursday, February 2, 2012

Something New!

Hello Parents!

There are so many times I wish I could have better communication with all of you about all the fun things we are doing each week.  If your child is anything like mine you have a hard time getting anything out of them about what they did in school each day.  Hopefully this blog will give you a better idea!  My goal is to post each week and to provide even a few pictures if everything all works out.  I am somewhat new to the blogging world.  Sometimes those pictures and links just make me feel my age!  My blog design will hopefully change as soon as I figure out how!  Any experts out there?  I would love some advice.

I am not planning to post pictures of your children on this site, just examples of their work. 

This is a great way to have family members follow what is going on in the classroom as well.  There is an option to follow my blog so you will be updated with all new postings.

I do have another blog where you can catch up on first grade math I have been teaching in the classroom.  This blog was created as a teacher resource, but everything I post I am teaching in the classroom.  That site is


Mrs. Parker

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