Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Wow!  Valentine's Day 2012 is officially over and boy do your children have energy!!  It really was not bad at all.  I love the fact that they were so excited for the activities I planned.  Every holiday I try to make all the math, writing, and language thematic and today is one of my favorites!

Here are our valentine bags we worked so hard on.

For this activity we guessed what the most common color of candy hearts would be in the bag.  Then we chose one heart out of the bag at a time, tallied them, counted them up, and wrote why we thought the most common color was the most common.

In this activity we took our hearts and tallied up each letter.  When we were finished we counted up all the tallies.  My goal was to see who would automatically use the cross tally after every four- You can check your child's sheet to see if they did or not. 

Graphing their hearts.

Measurement activity using their hearts.

Building words using hearts with beginning and ending parts of words.  Then they recorded the words on the sheet.

We finished off the day with a word search while they enjoyed their hearts.

The average amount of frosting on each cookie : )

The average amount of sprinkles on each cookie : )

I allowed them to choose one piece of candy to eat and then they had to take the rest home.  So now you know how much sugar they ate today!

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  1. Looks like a day full of fun! I'm your FIRST follower. :-)

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