Monday, February 6, 2012

What a 100th Day!!

Today was one of my favorite days to teach- the 100th day!!
The kids all had a blast talking about 100 ALL DAY!!  We did not finish up a few more math activities I had planned so I may send them home for the math weekly homework tomorrow. 

I knew I was not going to finish all my 100th day activities today so I put everything in a book so they could take it home and finish.

For this activity we worked on making ten groups of ten colored dots to equal 100.  I found this cute activity from Julie Lee on tpt.

                                                                 The final product!

We completed a 100th day Lab.  Here they had to look at the bag of candy corn, craft sticks, and bears then decide which bag had more than 100, less than 100, and exactly 100 items in it.  Can you guess? : )

After looking at each bag they cut out more, less, and exactly sentences and glued each one next to their prediction.  I was pleasantly surprised how well they did.  The majority was correct for each item. 

Then, we graphed our class data for each item.  This graph shows that two students thought there were more than 100 craft sticks in the bag, four thought there were less than 100 craft sticks in the bag, and eleven thought there were exactly 100 craft sticks in the bag.

Now, when I chose the items I wanted a smaller item to have more than 100 items, a larger item to have less than 100, and then a more challenging item to have 100.  When I asked the students why they chose what they did many of them were right on with their reasoning.  Some even related this to our "Beans" Lab back in Unit 9 (the smaller items takes up less space than the larger items). 

Now if I did not have this blog I am sure this is the only activity you would hear about!  As I was having them dump all their snacks in the bowl I wondered if we would have 100 cavities just in time for our dental health unit :).  I sure hope not! I would suggest they brush well tonight anyway!

One last note- I made a mental goal today to make sure your child is packing up better.  I found so many old papers in many of the bins that I know things need to change.  If you see many papers come home today from your child it is because I cleaned out their bin.  I have already talked to them about changing this, but I don't think it could hurt for you to talk with them as well.  We have some very competitive people in the room that love to be first at everything! 

Valentine list was sent home today.  Look for details of the party to be sent home tomorrow or Wed.

Feel free to leave some feedback on the website as well as any suggestions you may have for me. 


Mrs. Parker

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